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Summer and pest considerations

Are your pests and diseases getting on top of you this time of the year, they are for me!

Naturally Neem insecticide (N/N), BTK Dipel Caterpillar control organic!

  1. The best advice I find is 'deal with that which you can control easily, ditch the rest in the compost. But specific to my issues, lately, I realized many people may not realize that many winged insects are caterpillars before they transform into flying creatures and then lay eggs. So our N/N insecticide works on the egg and the flying stages/insects and the BTK will work on the caterpillar stage. So mix them together for the best results!

  2. Cabbage butterfly; find caterpillars and squash them, have the old butterfly net out, and try your best not to land in the garden, they are so tricky... Apply the BTK organic caterpillar control with our N/N in the morning at dawn.

Powdery mildew; suppress by wetting the leaves regularly, your cold dishwater is great, or take a tsp of baking soda in a litre of water and spray this. Coat the affected plant.

And finally, the best advice on all of this is:

May you take joy in your garden, a wonderful way to engage in life and bring energy to your roots. Kia Kaha nuinga


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