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Why Seaweed Aminos?

To help improve plant and soil biology, plant and soil tonic with no harmful residues.

Keep toxins out of your food! Grow healthy plants, by giving them a head start with - Amino acids are organic compounds made of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. This protein is used by plants as food to maintain a healthy microbial population in the rhizosphere, the roots will have an enormous opportunity to obtain amino acids.

This is what our Sea-Hume granules look like,

Apply now to your garden when planting your; carrots - for rust fly, lettuce - for root rot, beetroot - for leaf spot, coriander & rocket - for thrips, parsnips - for armyworm and any soil born pest or disease.

A healthy plant can overcome the effects of diseases or pests better than a weak one.

More about Seaweed Aminos' - amino acids can also be used to protect plants from biotic and abiotic (low temperature, low relative humidity, salinity, pesticides, etc.) stresses or help them recover from these stresses. Amino acids have also been found to increase plant height and dry weight. HEALTHY PLANTS When used as a soil conditioner, they can improve soil structure and water retention, resulting in a better environment for beneficial soil organisms.

My offering to you; Mention this BLOG when you purchase 2 x 1kg or more including the 10kg bag of Sea-Hume granules, and I will give you a Free 1kg Sea-Hume Granules

More information on what makes up our Sea-Hume Granules can be found here;

Used to control many pest problems throughout Aotearoa, read our testimonials scroll down the page, thanks.

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