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200ml Naturally Neem insecticide (not Neem oil) EC makes up to 200ltr's spray

- recommended mixing rate is 2ml per/litre of water (this gives you 100ltr of spray) 


1st NZ Biodegradable Sticky Insect traps - 6 pck

- Environmental protection is at its best here. Because you can't always control what comes in the soil or the air, at least control the number of toxins and polluting rubbish we omit.

Traps are:

- foldable, bendable, and two-sided - use one sheet 8 times by cutting it into strips and only using one side at a time as shown in the picture, for your house plants.

- Biodegradable, made from naturally compostable materials, degrades from 6mnth, fully degraded in 12mnths.

- Indoor & outdoor, rain and heatproof.

What else do I need to say...

Traps flying insects - will not discriminate, that is not actually possible.

If you would like advice, please email me with your specific enquiries.

200ml N/N Insecticide & Pack 6 Sticky Traps

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