This Hortex hose sprayer is crucial piece of equiptment for spray maintenance with ease!  Attaches to your hose and add your safe insect spray or & fertilizer.


Ideal for large garden areas such as lawn or multiple garden beds, Inside hedge rows and fruit trees.  Allows you to reach those spindly distant branches and inside dense trees and hedges.  


Brass fittings - I will add info for extra mixing detail to the order. 

Hortex Fertilizer/Insecticide Hose Sprayer -

  • Free post within NZ.  We use NZ Post & Toll Carriers.  

  • Naturally Neem is added into the bottle, leaving enough room for an equal amount of water to be added also to bottle.  Set the dial to roughly double the dilution rate and begin spraying.

    Nozzle is adjustable, so you can direct the spraying  

    Instructions are enclosed, But please also follow the above info. Or you will be wasting product.