Best Buy  and SAVE a couple of bucks, and get the two top sellers for your garden maintenance in one hit.


Makes 50-100ltrs Natural Insect spray (use on all insect pests), safe to eat food in 4 hrs (does not contain raw Neem oil)

1kg Sea-Hume granules for stimulating the root area of your plants and detering any pests that may be lurking - also only need to apply this once a month around the critical times of the year. 

Dipel or BT (Bacillus thuringiensis)  Organic caterpillar control

100gm makes around 200ltrs of spray or more!

Insecticide, Sea-Hume Granules & Caterpillar control

  • Use the Natural Insecticide and the Sea-Hume Granules in conjunction with one another to boost the plant or trees chances of combating the pest and disease problems.


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