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Naturally Neem – Commercial Registered Insecticide since 2008

From the beginning

'Naturally Neem' has been developed as a commercial natural insecticide for New Zealand growers and conditions


As an experienced grower of market garden vegetables in Maungatapere, Whangarei, Grant has long been advocating IPM and organic practices.


"There has always been a need, for a natural affordable commercially viable insecticide."


So we formulated 'Naturally Neem’ as an effective broad-spectrum Emulsifiable concentrate and the first commercially registered Neem based insecticide for use on all food crops in New Zealand.


This took us many years as the registration process is arduous, and if you don't have a scientific background almost impossible to achieve.  You would think someone would have beaten us to it but due to large chemical companies needing to have a patent for everything they sell, this is not possible with Neem (India owns it, well done India).  so you see, we are here to help the environment from contamination and growers to be able to see the product development to something attractive enough to sell.  

This is our passion.

Product Brief - Recommended Uses

Note, important safety info.



A broad-spectrum INSECTICIDE derived from the active ingredient in Neem kernel DOES NOT CONTAIN RAW NEEM OIL. For the control of aphids, thrips, whitefly, leaf-mining flies, mealybugs and scale and many others that suck, rasp or chew.  No withholding period and safe for use ON ALL FOOD CROPS.

Mode of action: Naturally Neem is a contact, antifeedant, endocrine disruptor. It is particularly effective on insects that suck and rasp (i.e. aphids, thrips, chew etc). For the control of caterpillars, combine with a Btk (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki) insecticide at lowest recommended rates.


Crops: Vegetables, fruits, ornamental and plantation crops, lawns, flowers.

Mixing: Mixes readily with water. Pour the measured quantity of Naturally Neem into a partly filled spray tank and agitate the mixture while adding the remaining water and any additional insecticide or fungicide at the end of the filling. Maintain agitation during the spraying operation.

Notes: 1. No additional surfactant or wetting agent is required but can assist.

2. Mixture should be used within 12 hours

4. Naturally Neem is believed to be non-phytotoxic to all plants, however, if crop/plant appearance is important, test the product on a small area.

Application: Thorough coverage of the crop.

Bee safety: Low toxicity to bees, but should only be applied when they are not foraging (i.e. early morning or evening).

Withholding period: No withholding period and safe for use on all food crops.

IT IS AN OFFENCE to use this product on animals.

Neem is well known around the world.

Well before us

It is now known to affect over 200 species of insect, by acting mainly as an anti-feeding and growth disruption, acts as a pest reproduction controller.

Neem oil comes from the tree Azadirachta indica, a South Asian and Indian plant common as an ornamental shade tree. It has many traditional uses outside of the insecticidal traits. For centuries, the seeds have been used in wax, oil and soap preparations. It is currently an ingredient in many organic cosmetic products too. Neem oil can be extracted from most parts of the tree, but the seeds hold the highest concentration of the insecticidal compound. The effective compound is Azadirachtin, and it is found in highest amounts in the seeds. There are numerous neem oil uses, but gardeners hail it for its anti-fungal and pesticide properties.



'Naturally Neem' does not contain raw Neem oil -  10,000ppm active ingredient Azadirachtin

Not like most Neem

Used throughout New Zealand by home gardeners and commercial growers on all types of crops.


  • Controls a broad range of insect pests (sucking, rasping & chewing ones

  • 10,000ppm active ingredient Azadirachtin

  • Emulsifiable concentration recommended 2ml per litre

  • Insecticide with bacterial and fungal properties

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor crops

  • Friendly on beneficial insects

  • Approved pursuant to HSNO Act 1996, Ref.HSR007949

  • Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7879

  • No withholding period  

  • Registered to be used on all food crop


For the commercially registered label & SDS please go to Resources Page, thanks


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