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We are a small rural New Zealand business

We designed it.

Our manufacturers are in India.

We market it.

Our stockists are New Zealand garden centres.

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Our Story

Growers in the beautiful Whatitiri volcanic soil of Northland.

The climate here IS sub-tropical.  Growing a range of mainly solanum produce indoor under plastic for the New Zealand consumer concerned with overuse of pesticides. 


We used only natural inputs alongside Integrated Pest Management to enable us to grow our uncertified organic produce.  Our aim here is to produce nutritious food with a clear conscience and maintain the best price to the consumer. 


We found that other market growers alongside us and customers liked the idea we used a low-toxic insecticide, growers around have found Neem Oil to be a good all-around natural pest control.  So...

We began gradually developing 'Naturally Neem insecticide. 


This was not an opportunity for the faint-hearted and we are still maintaining growth.  This achievement could not have happened without help from our friend's and family.   

Bonny Faulkner-Hollis-Alexander & Stuart Grant Alexander aka Munta

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