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Catch'em while you can, the flying bugs!

Along with those annoying white (elusive) flies are things like grey aphids, diamondback moths, leaf miners, and cabbage butterflies, to name some.

Here is my solution: Naturally Neem, this pack of 100gm DiPel, and 6 A4 sticky traps will work with you over winter so that you get the crop you planted. It's just $40, saving you $9.

Also, don't forget I offer the finest fertilizer in New Zealand. 8 KG for just $36. This is premium-grade organic Kiwi-made, packed with all the nutrients your garden craves. Simply sprinkle it around each month. This will foster a balanced food source for your entire property. It's particularly beneficial for your orchard, which has just provided you with all that nourishment.

Remember, all my products are based on actual trial-based commercial growers in New Zealand conditions. All products in the shop are freight included, so there are no surprises at the checkout.

May you have a cozy winter, and plenty of enjoyment from your garden! Noho ora mai.

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