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Xmas Gardens & Sprayer Efficiency

Halleluya, I have the order on the ship!

It has been tough work to acquire the super successful hose end sprayer that makes mixing Naturally Neem and spraying actually enjoyable! But it has paid off, and the goods are on route. Pop me an email if you want one when they arrive,

Planting Pohutakawa! Cause it's Xmas and other reasons here's why,

Consider growing them in pots, check out this bonsai method of pruning to keep them lush and in a nice shape:

Here is a link to purchase a very nice variety that is likely already in flower!

And one more cool thing to share: It's funny how I keep finding cool people doing cool stuff around New Zealand - a successful summer market garden, and heaps of information to share to help you see that effort does pay off!

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support and sales this 2023; I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue to help spread the joy of growing without harsh chemicals.

As the year comes to a close, I hope that you have had enough to provide you with what you need and that you have enough to share, and also enough time to spare. And always remember we are the reason for the season - so keep on growing you!

Your Neem Lady.

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