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  • Writer's pictureBonny Faulkner-Hollis-Alexander

Your fruit trees need help now!

It is cold already..(well it is basically the middle of winter) and it's nice to forget about the garden until it warms up again in Spring; But...

  • Many insect pests are just about to overwinter, they are slowing down. So it is time to get out the Sea-Hume granules and Naturally Neem and gently send them off to the underworld for good.

  • Excess leaves can be raked up and added to compost when they are dry.

  • Pest infected fruit needs to be discarded into the council rubbish. Thin and manage fruit on the trees, so you have fewer pests.

  • Dry mulch added to the drip line of trees over the top of a sprinkling of our Sea-Hume, to add to the biostimulation, giving nutrients without overloading the chemicals.


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