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For bigger gardens and boutique horticulture.

The main points about Naturally Neem insecticide


  • Controls a broad range of insect pests – (sucking, rasping & chewing ones)
  • Emulsifiable concentrate with a low mixing rate (1-4ml per Litre)
  • Insecticide with Bacterial and Fungal properties
  • Pests will not build resistance – multiple modes of action
  • Not containing raw Neem oil (Aflatoxins)
  • Friendly on beneficial insects and bumblebees


  • 1 DWP was No withholding period – Registered with ACVM P7879
  • Used in conjunction with IPM programs
  • Registered for use on all Food Crops


Naturally Neem Sea-Hume Granules: Bio-stimulating formulation (does not contain raw Neem kernels, due to aflatoxins!) improves plant health from the roots to the tips through microbiota absorption, including a natural insect repellent, fungistatic, and Nemastatic.


Bentonite clay impregnated with 300ppm activated Neem, Seaweed Aminos, Fulvic, and Humic substancesEnhances the fine root hairs’ capability to absorb micronutrients. Due to pest and disease attacks or over-fertilization.  Just four applications a year, around the time of pest activity, Or when planting new or repotting.  A small amount goes a long way. 


10kg bag’s also available, and the application rate is 25gm per potted plant (40 plants), 50-200gm per tree, and 50-80gm per meter square. Testimonials and further info CLICK HERE.


We look forward to serving your needs for insecticide and biostimulants! 

1Ltr & 10Kg Sea-Hum - Our Big Boys!

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