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Available only as an add-on - this is due to freight costs being too much to send.  Pick-up is available at Hillcrest, (Northshore) Auckland.  Just text me, 0212277000 the price will be less than $25 cash.   


Morganics combines processed fish, kelp, and finely crushed rock dust, along with additional beneficial minerals and plant matter. Ecofriendly certified Phosphate, Potassium, Boron, Sulphur, and other trace elements are added to the mix.


Not only good for your plants, vegetables, fruit, trees, and grass, but it is also good for soil biology, which enhances soil fertility.


New Zealand made & trusted commercially for over 10yrs. 


So if you want to fertilize your garden, grass, orchard, or lifestyle block while positively adding to the ecosystem, this is an easy solution, and it's ORGANIC!


 Strong root systems.
 Increased nutrient movement through the plants.
 Disease resistance.
 Enhanced flower, fruit, and seed formation.
 Better taste and shelf life of fruit and vegetables.
 Thick healthy grass.
 Healthy plants.


8KG MORGANICS Fertilizer for the whole garden!

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