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 Seaweed aminos and Humate impregnated Bentonite clay Neem Granules. 


10kg bag - USED FOR GROUND CONTROL of pests and Nutrient delivery.  Especially for orchards with moths and nurseries with critters not wanted.  Our formulation will enhance soil biology and put health back into your crops. 


Please check the resources page for more detailed info about managing Codlin and Guava moth problems.   Testimonials prove these granules work to rid grass of Porina (grass grub).  


25gm per plant - 80gm per square metre.  Or broadcast around the dripline into the trunk of trees to treat codlin & guava moths.  See the resources page. 



10kg Bag Sea-Hume Neem Granules

$126.00 Regular Price
$106.00Sale Price
  • Base of bentonite clay; impregnated with 300ppm active Neem (containing no Aflotoxins), Seaweed amino's and Humates.

    - Granule consistency is like a coarse sand. 

    - Combat those soil born pests!

    Such as; carrot fly, mealy bug, pyslid, guava & codlin moth etc


    For more information go to the Resources Page 

  • Free post.  We use NZ Post & Toll Carriers. 


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