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Only available as an addition to ordering other products.  (NZ is a small country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, A. it is expensive to get product to NZ, B. big business is not yet interested in saving our planet, hence you cannot find easily biodegradable products everywhere yet) 


Finally, a biodegradable sticky insect trap.  Breaks down within 6 months to 1 year from inclusion in compost or soil.  They are made from less than %5 PP #5 recyclable and corn starch.  


6 in-pack mix of Green & Yellow (& Blue occasionally)


- Durable, Non-toxic, Waterproof, High quality, Eco-friendly and Double-sided. 


- Cut easily into smaller pieces

- Use one side at a time; double the use

- Fit in your house plant pots for Fungus Gnats


Suitable for gathering all manner of flies, especially fungus gnats! 

Biodegradable Insect Sticky Trap

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