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Finally, a biodegradable sticky insect trap.                                                                                    

12-in-pack mix of Green, Yellow (Blue occasionally) 


- Durable, Non-toxic, Waterproof, High quality, Eco-friendly, and Double-sided. 


- Cut easily into smaller pieces for house plants and your home

- Use one side at a time to get double the use

- Fit in your house plant pots for Fungus Gnats

- Hang from trees to collect codlin and guava moths.


Breaks down within six months to 1yr from inclusion in compost or soil.  They are made from less than %5 PP #5 recyclable and corn starch.  


Suitable for gathering all manner of flies, especially fungus gnats! 

Biodegradable Insect Sticky Traps 12 Pack!

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