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1Ltr makes 500Ltr of spray; just mix with water at 2ml per litre.   


10,000ppm Azadirachtin (active ingredient) Naturally Neem Insecticide


This is an emulsifiable concentrate that mixes easily in water (2-4ml p/ltr)


Does not contain raw Neem oil due to aflatoxin that grows on the Neem kernels, which is carcinogenic.


Naturally Neem is commercially registered as 'Safe for all Food crops!  Unlike Neem oil.


Naturally Neem is a broad-spectrum insecticide for most insect pests that suck, rasp, or chew.   Mode of Action; is Anti-feedant, endocrine disruptor wreaking havoc on the lifecycle by stopping molting and reproduction.  Also, it works to suffocate in minor ways.   


For the label info and best-use practices, please look around the resources page, click HERE.  


For Larger Quantities and Commercial Prices, please contact me by clicking here!

Naturally Neem Insecticide 1LTR - .20c per litre, really!

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