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Around the Garden in Autumn - from Kings Seeds


Growing Tips for March

Start sowing your winter vegetable crops Sow cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts. It’s also time to sow beetroot, spinach, carrots, leeks and silver beet.

Look at your plant positioning Have your plants done well in their location? Do they get enough sun, are they easy to water, is airflow appropriate, are they protected from the wind? Now is a good time to sketch out a plan for next year’s garden layout while these points are all fresh in your mind. Sow small quantities of seeds in March Next month you can sow additional quantities so that you can stagger your winter harvest. Harvest herbs for drying Hang them in a cool, dry place to dry before storing. Deadheading Keep deadheading summer flowers to extend their flowering period. Make your beds Start preparing your winter vegetable beds as garden beds become free. Remove weeds, dig over and add compost so that the beds are ready when your winter seedlings need planting out. Going seedy Many flowering plants will be going to seed now that we are at the end of summer. Remove spent plants if you prefer, or allow them to set and drop seed if you would like seedlings to pop up next season. Watch out for mildew Keep an eye on mildew-prone plants and water carefully to avoid wetting the leaves. Promote airflow by removing excess foliage to allow plants their best chance of avoiding mildew. Enjoy your fresh fruit and vegetable harvest. Preserve, share and feast on fresh produce!

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