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Guidelines for use and a new deal!

Guidlines for use of Naturally Neem & Sea-Hume granules
Download PDF • 139KB

Here is the updated 'Guidelines for Use document for your reference.

I am low on stock at the moment. My apologies. So I thought I would do a little bonus special on the Organic Fertilizer - Solar Trapz - Hose End Sprayer.

Purchase three items from the above-mentioned, in one transaction (you do not have to take one of each), and I will throw in a 200ml Naturally Neem & a pack of 6x Sticky Traps (valued at $56) - Valid until days end 4th April'2024

Thanks in advance for the sales. Know that I am just a phone call away if you are stuck with some tricky gardening issue. Together, I am sure :) we can solve it.

Your Neem Lady, Bonny 0212277000

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