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Home & Garden Show, SPECIAL!

- North Shore Auckland, Event Finder Stadium 28-30 October.

(and yes that is just a couple of weeks away)

- you will find me at Stand 219 outside on a corner site.

With an orange umbrella!

And, show day SPECIAL is..

$20 cash, that's the folding stuff,

for either one of my best sellers. - 200ml or 1kg Sea-Hume.

Come say Hi! and chat about your garden. I will have some information handy too, and a place to sit, relax, and chill out amongst the chaos surrounding the show.

Also, an old-school raffle, to raise funds for my local piece of paradise and solace, the energy put in by volunteers here and the history of flora is just remarkable. I take my hat off to all involved in this remarkable achievement.

So, please come along, and support, it's affordable fun and this ticket below will also help, just snap a pic on your phone and bring it along to enter - 2 for the price of 1.

I look forward to meeting you, in the flesh :) Bon

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