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How our granules help...

Your garden is a wonderful environment teaming with life under the soil and above. There is no way to completely control what happens, it's magic!

I would like to share with you some first-hand experiences from other wonderful magic dealers, like you, who are finding how our Sea-Hume granules help them.

This stuff is like black gold! But at a fraction of the cost. In basic, they turn soil into actively regenerative goodness for your plants. More info here, Sea-Hume granules & Bentonite clay.

  • Fiona Timmins from Tirau, formerly Kerikeri, says: Two weeks ago, I conducted an experiment, using the granules on one row of snow peas and not on the other row. Rows in same area of garden. The granule row has a 99% germination rate, the other row has about 25%. So some kind of biology or geology, or weather conditions are having an impact on germination without the granules, but something in the granules is helping overcome the challenge.

"Here is how we use the Neem granules: As we plant a seed or seedling, a little pinch of the granules goes into the soil too."

  • Mavis Orr from South Canterbury, says: Neem granules do work well. My lawn was half dead last year from grass grubb. I applied neem granules, no grass grubb patches this season.

They do work very well.

  • Patricia Nguyen, who grows Orchids commercially in Kaeo, says: They work really well for orchids against Wolllause (mealy bug)


So, it's time to give them a go - right!??

  1. best practice is to do as Fiona does and add some to every planting whether it be seed or seedling, or mature transplants.

  2. add to the garden maintenance plan 4 x per year during the shoulder season, especially before buds burst on your pip and stone fruit trees.

  3. side dressings are also wonderful to help add beneficial nutrients to existing plantings.

Everything in the garden will benefit from Naturally Neem Sea-Hume granules, and you won't find any 'aflatoxins here either, no raw Neem kernel present just the activated Neem extracts.

So, what are you doing? Grow for it!

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