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How to grow soil with plants.

Okay, I am not going to ‘Beat around the bush’; let’s dig into what I reckon is the easiest way to avoid having to weed and mulch so much.

- Mondo Grass, edging for pathways and trees and berms.

- Chamomile is softer, so it is easier to have around where you plant by hand.

- Gazania, border control next to concrete.

- Rabbit Ears' is also great around the vege patch, so soft.

- Acaena purperea ‘Piripiri, very handy for large areas.

- NZ spinach, and hey, you can eat it too.

- Creeping fuchsia, fantastic in pots. (has edible fruit)

- Baby’s tears’, shade-loving, and carpet-walkable.

- Creeping Thyme comes in many forms: versatile, walkable, and fragrant.

- Clover, nitrogen-fixing, and walkable. Not ideal in the vege garden.

- Sedum, easy to remove, loves hot open spaces.

- Irish moss takes to corners and under hedges very well.

- Oregano and Marjoram, perfect for summer gardens.

Using additional ground cover plants will suppress weeds, help the soil hold moisture, build the soil, and mitigate plant stress; pests and diseases often attack stressed plants. Not to mention enhancing the soil microbial community activities in the soil.

Win-win here for us and the planet!

Most ground cover plants can be grown by simply snipping off a piece (A cutting). It is best to get a little of the root (but not always necessary) and sit in a glass on the window sill. After a couple of weeks or less, you will find it has grown many more roots. Alternatively, you can pop the cutting in a pot with good soil and keep it in a fair amount of light but not full sun; the environment needs to be moist but not wet; after a couple of weeks, maybe four, it will have taken root (when you lift the plant it holds onto the soil and does not pull out).

Plant now before the summer sun destroys your opportunity. All the best, Bon

p.s. If you haven't already - make sure to check out the sticky traps; the flies are here already!

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