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It's Spring! & I hope your excited

As we move into the warmer weather with windy North/East weather rolling in, I wonder if you have thought about growing some living fertilizer in the form of beautiful flowers, under your fruit trees, or along a hedgerow?

If you are keen to give it a go, I am offering (for the next week until midnight on the 14th of September) FREE, Blue Lupin Seeds on orders over $40 purchased off the website.

EDIBLE BACK YARD; also has some great advice on how to use green cover crops

Testimonial: Kath at Edible Back Yard says "Also am finding your Neem very effective. First sign of psyllid – one spray. Done! That was a month ago. Just noticed some back again so gave it another squirt last night. Such a time saver not having to endlessly spray. "

So jump over and grab a bottle Cheers

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