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Not so nice Moths in our gardens..

But don't forget moths also benefit plants by pollinating flowers while feeding on their nectar, and so help in seed production.

Codlin & Guava Moth control, Rules of the thumb'

  • start your treatment plan at Budburst! by spreading around the tree base (drip line into trunk) Neem granules p.s. this is when the sugars are rising :)

  • Spray Naturally Neem insecticide twice, ten days apart, Every six weeks until Fruit falls!

This might seem like an arduous task, so if you are not up to all the spraying, you can take this approach.

- Wrap the tree trunks with a rag or soft material (like wool insulation) doused in a thick strip of Naturally Neem, or try just using canola oil. Before budburst.

- Use the Sea-Hume Neem granules every month from Budburst to Fruit drop.

- And hang sticky traps in the trees, ideally my biodegradable ones.

I am very sorry I am late to give you this info. I will endeavor to be more effective with my timing next year...

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