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Nourishing Soil, why?

Did you know that the dark layer of soil under your feet is why our planet has so much biodiversity? Next to the ocean (covering 70% of the earth's surface,) our soils are crucial to life on this planet. They protect, provide and sustain all living things.

So really, let's not muck around! Let's save our soils.

Good friable topsoil/garden soil is built by you, helping micro life to flourish and deliver.

  • Decomposing plant matter Use your neighborhood brown leaf litter to add carbon & nutrients to your soil.

  • Compost Homemade is always the best

  • Living green crops Kath Irvine DIY Green crop advice

  • Mulch You do not need to purchase this every time; check your local reserves council usually leaves it for free. And try to get a variation of leaf and bark.

  • Aeration Rotating your crop choices seasonally opens up channels in the soil; worms and other beneficial organisms also do this. But you can assist by forking or poking holes with a rake into the ground.

  • Sand or fine grit. Sprinkle this into your compost first then mix in at least once a year.

  • Moisture By doing all of the above measures, you will give your soil the best opportunity for balanced moisture control. Also, you could add

  • Nutrients All of the above practices will build and balance nutrient density in your soil,

The next step is to help the plants use this topsoil to their advantage! More on that soon.

Thanks for your support in saving our planet, one garden at a time.

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