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NZ's Export opportunity is not being realized.

While many of us (reading this) are just focused on what we can achieve by growing food in our own backyards, there is an underlying issue that we mostly ignore found in our agriculture industry as a whole. And that is the use of additional ingredients that deplete our environment, our bodies, and our ability to harness top dollar for our export products.

Interesting fact; 88% of young Chinese consumers are against food with additives. And food safety is a massive deal in China. Why aren't we concerned here in NZ.

Image courtesy of Gourmet Group's Ralph, who has effectively controlled mites using our insecticide & IPM.

Here is a report on trending natural food health fashion going on all around the world

Chemical-free food market - consumer trend report
Download PDF • 3.29MB

Do you ever wonder, "What sprays am I eating?"

Why do we currently have no labeling on our fresh primary foods on the shelf to include the additives they are grown and manufactured with?

I'm well aware of the unaffordability of organic food. And the conundrum re: organic labeling, but that is what is recognized as free from synthetic chemicals. And that there lies in the problem. My notion is that we clearly label what is used and present in the growing of our supermarket fresh food! I am not the first to have voiced this opinion.

I'm asking you to ponder this, and maybe take the time to discuss this with other interested awake humans, for the discussion needs to be happening.

And in the meantime, check out my Biodegradable sticky traps to catch the pest, identify the imbalance causing it, and remedy it. Stop using plastic!

They are also in my Codlin & Guava moth pack, which it is almost time to be using as blossom burst is near, yay!

Thanks for reading this. I appreciate your willingness to participate in our real clean, green New Zealand, the ongoing saga :)

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