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Growers, ready to help!

I am pretty sure we are all here for the same reason: to grow nutritious food and manage our environment, which is conducive to well-being. So, I am adding access for you to those who have services & produce, creators also using Naturally Neem products. This will enable you and your cohort to learn and access more and spread the goodness.

I am very lucky to have this business that helps people like you; giving choices to people, and for a good reason, is pertinent to a successful society.

I now ask please that you take a good look at all the links, as I am not a computer wiz, so I realize that it may take a bit of time to see them all.

  • Now for the sale items, Yay!

Due to some packaging issues, I have some goods that are heavily discounted. See the links below to purchase/view.

Also, I have five bags of Morganic's Fertilizer 8kg to give away when you order 10kg Sea-Hume granules!

Thanks for your interest - does anyone know who would stock my product in Hawkes Bay? Usually, stores are just going with the big boy! Best wishes for a happy 2023! May we all have enough, and share if we have plenty. Your Neem Lady.


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