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The Good, the bad & ...

Like all good permaculture lots, our gardens have their way of deciding what goes where and how well it will do without much effort.

As you can see from my current suburban lifestyle, this is just the case; Bad stuff - powdery mildew & rust (very difficult to control, I'll be heading out with baking soda when the rain stops),other%20edible%20and%20ornamental%20plants,

Optimistic; I know - bringing new products on board does create a lot more work for me, but you're worth it! (I will send an email with info on these two products soon.)

Ok, Now for 'The Deal! the first four people to purchase the Hose End Sprayer will receive a free bag of Morganics 8kg all-purpose fertilizer!!!

Thank you very much for your support this year, and I hope you all have a Merry Blissmass break! Bonny.

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